Anna Sullivan, Piano and Voice Teacher

My name is Anna (Baker) Sullivan, I'm 28 and my husband, two baby girls and I live in Conway, Arkansas.

I have been a piano and voice teacher for 10 years now and teach out of home so I can still be with my baby girls. I will be starting a new semester of voice and piano lessons in January and have slots open for new students! I will be teaching on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the evening.

One of my many interests is being available for homeschoolers as well as everyone else, my husband and I were homeschooled growing up and we can really relate. :)

I am also a born again Christian and my faith is very important to me, so I wanted to put that out there for the Christians out there that are looking for a like minded teacher. However I take anyone and everyone! :)

I use the Bastien piano method for my piano students and I take students age 5 and up. I recommend half hour piano lessons for younger children and 45 minute lessons for older children and adults as they usually learn songs that are more difficult and take more time. I charge $15 for every half hour lesson and $20 for every 45 minute lesson. If you are interested in signing up for lessons with me, shoot me an email!

Also, let me know if you need references, let me know!!



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